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Winter 2020 Poetry CSA

Sign up (or gift)a share in my Poetry 'CSA'.

Think of it as Community Shared Art, instead of Community Shared Agriculture.

A harvest of poetry.
Like an agricultural CSA, you won't know exactly what the harvest will be, except that you will will receive a new poem by me each week

Join me as I continue to work on my Interview with a River poems, building toward a full collection. Last year's members enjoyed visual poems, site-specific/installed, poems co-created with the river and other experiments. Who knows what I'll get up to this winter!

Member benefits

Beginning early January, you will receive at minimum one new poem from me each week for a season (three months).

You'll be the first to read the poems, and will receive weekly emails that share background info about the project, my thinking behind the poems, and other writerly news.

At the end of the season, I will create a chapbook of the poems and send each member a signed copy.

How to join…

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