Archive Madness

Walked to Library and Archives Canada in a snowstorm this morning after dropping Emilie off at Joanie's. Found some maps of the North Channel and northern Lake Huron, and a few of Manitoulin. For some reason the Geological Survey didn't survey Manitoulin in any depth. I assume it's because at that time (1857) the Island had been assigned as territory for the Odawa, Pottawatami and Ojibwe; mineral deposits, forest fibre and other resources on the Island would have been of less interest than those in the surrounding areas. However, I found some interesting things and have ordered copies of a number of maps.

The maps are interesting as they show the territorialization over time. I am looking forward to looking at letters, journals and other such materials to see the language, descriptions and representations of place.

Well, must be off to retrieve Emilie.


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