home: stone:
hearth: heart:
hold: restrain: hold: withhold:
protect: pretext:
bed: rest: unrest: bed-rest: redress:
behest: behave: have
strain: restrain:


zon said…
Tell us about Bêtise. Is she the 18th century heroine travelling through Northern Ontario?
vjane said…
good to see you on the blog! the photographs are haunting especially "rest' . were these taken at the nestsite?

rika said…
i love the words too Betise. please publish more.
bêtise said…
Bêtise: un bêtise - a mistake: silliness: levity

the observer-self maintaining/imposing conscious distance

travelling silliness!

the images come from an abandoned resort on an island in the North Channel. Everything was left, including clothing in the cupboards, food in the fridge. It has been severly trashed by tresspassers in the last 10 years, and affected by time - trees falling through ceilings, walls giving way to the ground, animals, rain and general decay. I am completely taken by that place. It also has the tallest, most invasive poison ivy I have ever seen - up to the waist - everywhere - between buildings, on the walkways. I should have taken images of the ivy. Agony ivy for sure.

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